A Plan of Increase in pUSD Swap Pool Fee Rate


In a strategic move to bolster the Pando USD(pUSD)

and provide added advantages to pUSD holders, the Pando MTG announces an increase in some pUSD swap pools fee rates from 0.04% to 0.1%.

Affected pools include: USDT(ERC20)/pUSD, USDT(TRC20)/pUSD, DAI/pUSD, USDC/pUSD.

This decision aims to strengthen the pUSD and offer enhanced benefits to pUSD holders and LP. By raising the fee rates, the Pando MTG aims to make pUSD more attractive to both users and investors.

A higher swap fee rate makes holding pUSD-denominated LP tokens more appealing, thereby increasing demand for the pUSD. As demand rises, the value of the pUSD strengthens in the market, boosting its overall stability.

The proposal of increasing fee rate has been composed and will be submitted to Pando MTG at Aug 10th, 2023.

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