Introduction to Pando Earn

Paper About Pando DeFi
3 min readSep 8, 2023


As we’ve mentioned in the previous article:

We have launched a plan to integrate all the Pando protocols into a unified interface in order to provide users with a complete and extremely easy-to-use decentralized financial experience using the latest front-end technology.

Today, we are going to introduce the second major progress of this plan: Pando Earn.

Pando Earn is a place contains multiple sub-protocols that help users to earn more crypto assets. The sub-protocols include:

Pando Swap’s liquidity mining

The is the first sub-protocol that Pando Earn integrated. Users can earn swapping fees by providing liquidity to Pando Swap.

The mechanism is very similar to Uniswap’s liquidity mining, but the difference is that Pando Swap’s liquidity mining is more flexible and more profitable:

  1. Pando Swap’s pools includes 2 types: stablecoin pools and non-stablecoin pools. The stablecoin pools are using Curve-like algorithm, which means the impermanent loss is very low. The non-stablecoin pools are using Uniswap-like algorithm, which means the impermanent loss is higher than stablecoin pools, but the gross profit is also higher.
  2. There is no gas fee to trade on Pando Swap, so transaction cost is lower than Uniswap, so there is more potential profit for liquidity providers and traders.


Today, we officially launched the staking feature of Pando. At the beginning, we only support XIN staking, but we will support more assets in the future.

Users can earn XIN by staking XIN to the Mixin Node running by Pando. Compared to the previous version, the new staking feature has the following improvements:

  1. We merged multiple XIN staking pools and legacy FMC1/F2 staking pools into one, so users don’t need to choose which pool to stake anymore.
  2. We added a new Queue feature to help users to stake/redeem XIN more easily. If there is no available position to add new staking, users will join the queue and wait for the next available position. When the next available position is available, the user will be notified and the staking will be executed automatically.

If you are interested in this feature, please visit here to learn more.

Btw, ETH staking and DOT staking are also on the way, please stay tuned.

Other 3rd-party earning projects

We are officially cooperating with and listed a premium earning service for BOX holders.

BOX holders can earn more BOX by staking BOX to Pando now. There are significant improvements in the user experience compared to the previous version:

  1. The staking process and user interface is more clear and easy to understand.
  2. A Queue feature is also added to help users to stake/redeem BOX more easily. Users can stake/redeem BOX at any time, and the staking/redeeming will be executed automatically when the next Thursday comes.

If you are interested in this feature, please visit here to learn more.

That’s all for today’s introduction to Pando Earn, hope you enjoy it!

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